Looking Back at the Last Six Months

This is Heidi’s husband, Caleb. I guess you could call this a guest post. I was going through all things digital (pics, websites, backups, etc.) in the Weston household and I realized it’s been six months since Heidi last sent an update on her blog. I am by no means the writer Heidi is but I will do my best to fill you in Heidi’s journey.

After the cancer moved to Heidi’s brain and spine it became harder and harder for her to get online on a computer or even her smartphone. This was due mostly to the tumors affecting her vision, and in some part due to all the emotions she was grappling. That said she still kept pushing on to experience life as much as she could with the time she had. Back in June her doctor gave her a prognosis of 90-100 days if she did radiation and chemotherapy. One of the things her doctor pointedly said was “I am going to get you to your trip to Alaska”. Well she did and them some.

Our trip to Alaska for our 10th anniversary became “bucket-list” trip, and it was a trip we won’t soon forget. It was filled with so many wonderful experiences of wildlife, stunning vistas and awe-inspiring side-trips we couldn’t have asked for more. It felt like Alaska was giving Heidi a show to end-all-shows. I can’t tell you how many times our guides would tell us “You normally don’t see all this in one outing.”

After Alaska Heidi set another goal to go see the fall colors in the Eastern Sierras, something we had talked often of doing. So we did a little four-day family trip for my birthday weekend in October with most of the Weston clan. We visited pockets of beautiful aspens from Lee Vining down to Bishop and were again overwhelmed with God’s creation. On the trip Heidi’s strength and energy were clearly starting to fade but on the last day heading home she was awake enough, and the girls cooperated enough to get the picture below. Photographically speaking it’s not the greatest image but personally it meant so much to get this fleeting moment documented forever.

Not long after our trip Heidi was struggling more and more with her memory, speech and started to have seizures. We spent most of the rest of October in and out of the hospital as the doctors tried to determine what the issues were and how to help Heidi. As the hospital stays extended into November we were faced with the tough conversation of how much longer do we continue treating the cancer. After much talk and various consults Heidi was moved to hospice care and returned home where she was cared for by the PIH hospice nurses.

Unsure of how long Heidi would be in hospice we were faced with the impossible task of planning the holidays both with Heidi and if she passed. We did our best to keep all the festivities as ‘regular’ as possible for the girls while being mindful that they be were aware that mommy isn’t getting better. Which obviously led to conversations on what will happen to mommy. Those have by far been the toughest talks I have ever had to do.

This past weekend Heidi’s hospice nurse told us Heidi had started  to ‘transition’. Meaning her body is starting to shutdown. It’s still hard to say when exactly she will pass since she is so young and her heart is so strong. Just writing this out seems so surreal even though we have known this day was coming at some point. A good friend of Heidi’s reminded me this is the time to celebrate all the things Heidi did in her life and ours, how she well outlived any prognosis the doctors gave her. Now she is going to a much better place in the presence of her Savior Jesus. A place far better than human comprehension. She truly was lived a blessed life and I know she would echo these words if she could.

For all those who have helped our little family with practical needs, medical bills, to loving on us and showering us with prayer I humbly thank you.  God has truly blessed our family through your generosity. You are truly the hands, feet and voice of Jesus. May you be richly blessed for your ministry to us!

I know some of you will ask how can we continue to help, Heidi’s sister set up a giveforward.com page to help with financial needs, click below to check it out.

Weston GiveForward.com page

We will continue to keep the care calendar listed in the sidebar as well.

Heidi Weston Care Calendar

Once things do settle down I or another family member will update the blog. I may also do another ‘guest’ post once I have the emotional energy to write again.


  1. Jeanne Whittaker says:

    It’s Jeanne Whittaker with the Tabernacle Experience.
    I stopped by Rose to pick up an order on my way to Ridgecrest.
    Glen and I caught up and my first question to him: ‘How’s Caleb, is he still here?’
    My heart was flooded with sorrow, love and compassion as he went on to relay your journey.
    You are surrounded in His love and the love of the saints. May His Peace, that truly passes all understanding, rule in your heart today.
    In His Love,

  2. Suzanne Clock says:

    Many of us at Bethany Church have been concerned and praying for Heidi. Thank you for sharing. Your family picture in the Fall is beautiful!

  3. Marissa Bryson says:

    Dear Caleb, I know your brother Andrew and I wanted to send my heartfelt prayers for you and your family. My father passed away June 2016 and as hard and heartbreaking as it is to see your loved one towards the end, I want to encourage you to seek the beauty in the Hope of Heaven. Read scripture to your beloved, sing to her, have the girls come along side and do the same. Don’t let death win and frighten them but encourage them to see the Hope and the privilege of ushering their mommy and your wife to the threshold of Heaven and to Jesus! My kids had access to seeing their grandpa at nearly every stage of his homegoing and as much as they loved him and grieved his passing, I truely believe the times spent leading up to his passing helped them grieve in a healthier way. They had confidence that Papa was going to Heaven to claim his new healthy body! And that they would one day see him again in the presence of Jesus. So, my encouragement to you in the hard days ahead is to find comfort in the sacred privilege of ushering your dear wife to heavens door and cherish those precious times.

    Hugs to you from a sister in Christ ~

  4. Vivian Furlong says:

    Oh Caleb,
    My heart is breaking for you and your sweet girls as you face the reality of living life without your amazing, beautiful Heidi. Thank you for sharing your painful journey and these precious pictures and memories! We are continuing to pray for all of you. For Heidi to already be seeing Jesus and feeling Him carrying her through these painful, difficult days of letting go of this world. One of our hospice nurses once told me that she had seen many times how the dying loved one would visibly relax at that point when they no longer are awake or responding. She believed that this was the time that Jesus actually comes to help our precious loved one on those final steps to Heaven. I pray for that peace and incredible love to carry her to the celebration in Heaven. I pray for you to feel God’s Strength and Comfort and amazing Love for each painful moment of deep grief in the days ahead. And I continue to pray for your sweet girls, Heidi’s precious legacy. For them to be protected from the deep grief and instead see the indescribable wonders of Heaven where their Mommy goes to help Jesus to watch over them until they see her there someday. May they remember the love and laughter and amazing faith that Heidi shared with all her family and friends.
    Love and hugs and prayers, Vivian

  5. Patti Ashton says:

    Caleb, we met years ago when you were kind enough to help Kari, our daughter, move while living in Pasadena. I’m sorry we didn’t have the honor of meeting Heidi, but have heard so much through Kari and Travis and our heartfelt prayers are with you all. You are an amazing family having to endure more than most poeople in your short 10 years together. God Bless you!

  6. Bobbie Bailey says:

    Caleb, although I have not had the privilege of personally meeting you face to face, I feel,like I know you through Heidi… mainly. Heidi is a remarkable, talented, writer. However, just as you are a great photographer, you ARE a wonderful writer. Always appreciate any updates on Heidi. I came to know “about” Heidi through my son, Nathaniel (Nate) Bailey, when they were friends at WCHS and later through church and as Facebook friends. And, it is through FB, (and church), that I came to know her and have prayed much for her, for you; and, of course, for your precious little girls. Though, I have not been involved “hands on” in ministering to your sweet family, I have continually keep each one of you in prayer. And, thus, can say I have come to care deeply and love Heidi and your family. What a God-honoring, God-glorifying family you are! May our Lord continue to be with each one, and especially Heidi, as the Lord prepares her to change her address and to receive her into His kingdom and her real home. Asking God to fill you with His supernatural peace and that you may sense His very presence as this most difficult time draws near. God bless all the Caleb Weston family and extended family members.

    • Nancy Fielder says:

      What a beautiful and moving post. My heart is heavy for all of you. Caleb, you continue to amaze me by how you have handled this most difficult and painful journey. I am praying for all of you.

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