How to Wash Make Up Brushes

There are a thousand tutorials online for getting your make up brushes clean … and here’s mine! It’s a lot like all the others. This is the method I’ve found works best for me and my brushes. It’s been said you should do this once a week if your brushes are used daily. As for me, I do this once every 6 weeks or so, as I only use my make up for church and special occasions (there’s just no time for smoky eyes when kids have to be at school by 8!).

Supplies: a small glass bowl and baby soap, a towel and something to prop them up on … but we’ll talk about that in a minute.


 Pour a little soap in the bottom of the bowl, then fill with warm water.


Dip your brush in and swirl! Use the bottom of the bowl and the sides to gently loosen make up. But don’t press too hard.


Swirl for about 10-15 seconds, then rinse out your brush under the running water until it runs clear.


Do the same with your other brushes. When the water starts looking really murky, I change it.


Now, you want to let your brushes lie flat for drying. Standing them up lets too much water drain into the glue holding the brushes in place, and over time, could ruin your brush. So, I use a toothpaste box underneath a towel, then lay my brushes on top, so the bristles hang out over the edge. It’ll take about 24 hours for them to fully dry, at which time you will have the softest, cleanest brushes in town. They’ll feel like they did the day you bought them!


You’re welcome.

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